Embassy of Colombia Monthly Newsletter - June, 2022

Embassy of Colombia Monthly Newsletter - June, 2022


Embassy of Colombia Monthly Newsletter | June, 2022

1 million Venezuelan migrants are protected under Colombia's Temporary Protective Status

Colombia reached one million protection cards delivered to Venezuelan migrants with the Temporary Protection Statute created in 2020, in words of . "A million people who can access public services, the health system, house or who will be able to open a bank account" mentioned President Duque in his announcement on 1st June. The Director of Migration Colombia, Juan Francisco Espinosa, stated this first million cards “represent 53% women heads of households protected, 29% of boys, girls and adolescents protected on this route of schooling”. Mr. Espinosa emphasized the coverage of the Statute has reached 1,000 municipalities and the mass delivery of Temporary Protection Permits will continue on throughout the country. U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, Filipo Grandi, described this initiative as "an extraordinary example of humanity, commitment to human rights and pragmatism." Read more.


Historic turnout in Presidential Elections reflects Colombia's commitment with its democracy and institutions  

On June 20th, Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marta Lucía Ramirez, stated the main legacy passed onto the elected government is the strength of the country's democratic system. "We have laid solid foundations for our society to continue advancing towards equity and the inclusive growth we have built in the past few years." The international community highlights the commitment of the people and government of Colombia to its democracy and institutional strength reflected in the "historic voter turnout" and "the peaceful conduct of the election" in words of UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres. The head of the European Union Election Observation Mission, Javi López, assessed the electoral process: "Colombia has inaugurated the political alternation with transparent and credible elections that ratify the strength of its democracy". "Colombia has decided its future with a high level of participation, democratic maturity and a solid electoral and institutional framework"added Izaskun Bilbao Barandica, head of the European Parliament Delegation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Electoral Monitoring Table, confirmed on 19th June, 140,922 Colombians abroad were able to exercise their right to vote in this second round of the Presidential elections. 


The Caribbean Folk of Colombian singer-songwriter Concha Bernal comes to Dublin's Sugar Club

Within the framework of the celebration of the National Day of Colombia, the Colombian Embassy to Ireland, is delighted to invite you to a Caribbean Folk show with artist from Santa Marta Concha Bernal on Monday 27th June in Dublin's Sugar Club. Bernal's staging overflows with joy and spontaneity, incorporating rhythms such as cumbia, champeta or mapale. Her remarkable presence on scene feeds from her collaboration with designer and craftswoman Keyla Chipiaje, to inundate the show with colour, the mesh of cultures, and ancestral designs that converge in Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Register in advance!


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