Diverse Thinking for a Sustainable Future with Colombian biodiversity expert Brigitte Baptiste in Brigit 2022


Dublín (feb.11/22). The past 1st February the Embassy of Colombia presented the fascinating conversation Diverse Thinking for a Sustainable Future within the framework of Brigit 2022. Dublin City Celebrating Women with biodiversity expert from Colombia Dr. Brigitte Baptiste, former Director of the Humboldt Institute and current Chancellor of EAN University,  and Prof. of Zoology and incoming Vice president of Biodiversity & Climate Action of Trinity College Dublin, Yvonne Buckley.

Prof. Buckley kicked off the event with a question about the correlation of cultural diversity and biodiversity. Both guests mentioned the importance of finding a common language to promote respect and a deep understanding of the different necessities around the globe. The audience enquired about the unique female contribution to STEM, to which Dr. Baptiste responded, “women have opened a space where knowledge can be built with creativity and fairness” and mentioned the emerging values of femineity in our society.

The conversation, included in Brigit 2022, was introduced by Colombian Ambassador Patricia Cortés who highlighted Colombia’s biodiversity as well as some Government policies towards sustainability and environmental protection. The Ambassador also thanked the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Alison Gilliland, for the invitation to be part of this new initiative, inspired by Brigit, the Celtic goddess of creativity and wisdom. The event in its first year sought to celebrate women and their contribution to society. You can watch again here.